Adot welcome people with optimism, diligence, excellence; with the ability to dare to dream and challenge; can devote himself fully in the study and work, and enjoy it.

People who refuse mediocrity, pursuing the excellence and outstanding, welcome to joint us and work together with a group of excellent people.


Adot provide you the broad development platform; perfect harmony cooperation atmosphere; generous salary and high commission. And also the full insurance, including the social welfare insurance, CPF, supplementary commercial insurance. We also have the weekends, annual travel, annual physical check, birthday gift, total 13 month salary, end bonus, etc.

Electrics Engineer

  1. The related major of electric engineering and automation, power electronics, etc;
  2. Familiar with Protle, PADS, PCB design software;
  3. Proficient in working principle of switching power supply, buck, boost, buck-boost;
  4. Understand the MCU, ARM processor, DFP hardware design;
  5. Know well the product development process, and the standard of lighting;
  6. Has the strong sense of responsibility and independent problem solving ability, good communication and coordination skills, and team work spirit.

Mechanical Engineer

  1. Be responsible for the structure design for LED lamp and the evaluation of product process;
  2. Be responsible for the new product development, prototype making, and the relative technical data establishment;
  3. Be responsible for the assessment and test of the new material and new technology;
  4. Providing the mechanical support for EMI, ESD, safety and reliability test;
  5. Studying and solving the technical problems of the led lighting;
  6. Solving the problem in product development, following the problems, and discussing the technical issues with customers.

ID Designer

  1. Familiar with three dimension modeling software: Rhino, 3D Max, etc;
  2. Familiar with lightScape: Vray, Keyshot, etc;
  3. Familiar with ID design software: Photoshop, CorelDRAW, AI, etc;
  4. Has the strong creative thinking, willing to constantly thinking and imagination;
  5. Has the strong ability in communicating and team work.

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